We Have Well Trained Security Personnel Stationed At Every Gate

The Quadrangle is again one of the most beautiful spaces in our school where there is a very spacious stage set up with the best light and sound amenities. Most of the common events take place in the Quadrangle. Its location is such that the entire strength of the students can watch any event that takes place on the stage of the Quadrangle in great ease. The position of the stage is such that students can be accommodated on the corridors of the first floor to watch the programmes taking place. It is the centre of all the school activities.We have well trained security personnel stationed at every gate who are vigilant watchful throughout their work hours. We ensure that the security is trustworthy and parents can check this aspect before admitting their children in a school. We require people who enter the school premises to register their names and phone numbers. Schools also monitor the performance of the security guards. We also have Lady Security Guard to ensure the safety of our girls.