Science Club Fosters Students’ Interest In Science And Technology

Science Club fosters Students’ interest in science and technology and enables them to develop their latent talents, power of investigation and research. It also arranges talks by eminent persons on scientific topics, film and video shows, trips to places of scientific importance, science exhibitions, quiz competitions, debates etc., both on local and inter-School basis, thus it develops the competitive spirit too.

Literary Club

The Literary Club encourages the Students to expose and develop

The Literary Club encourages the Students to expose and develop their inborn talents to the fullest extent. Several competitions and cultural programs are held to groom them to face inter-School competitions. The literary forum organizes literary and cultural meetings every week.


Maths Club Is A Fun And Competitive Activity That Any Student Can Participate

Maths Club is a fun and competitive activity that any Student can participate in. It is a great way for Students to develop intuitive thinking skills, numerical fluency and learn new types of Math. Students will not only learn new material but also apply their previous knowledge from the School in fun and challenging problems. Furthermore, they will learn to view Math not as a set of rules or guidelines, but as an art. Mathematic is a subject full of creativity and opportunity that many Students enjoy. Besides the academic benefits, Maths club is also a great way to meet new people and develop team work skills.


The Literary Club encourages the Students to expose and develop

The Social Service Club Tries To Develop In Students A Civic Sense Of Charity.


Encouraging Children, Teenagers And Adult Students To Build

School Nature Club activities are valuable at all grade levels. Nature Clubs are a means for Students to explore the outdoors in a way that is educational and enjoyable. Encouraging children, teenagers and adult Students to build and or participate in a Nature Club creates positive experiences and teaches those involved in the beauty of the environment. It further aims at inculcating a sense of awareness, about the environment and how to improve it amongst the Students, the parents and the general public. Children who explore, learn, and play outside on a regular basis are healthier, happier, smarter, more cooperative, more creative and more fulfilled. Their well-being is enhanced while they develop a sense of place and bond with family, community and their environment.


Public Speaking Club Aims To Empower Students With Utmost Confidence And Express Themselves With Clarity When They Address The Multitude

Various training programmes are conducted to ensure that the young speakers are intelligible, compelling and convincing. The students get an opportunity to showcase their speaking skills in various events and competitions held either inter or intra school. They also get an opportunity to become a part of the audio and video studio in school. Thus, the public speaking club endeavours to help the young and budding speakers to attain the highest level of proficiency in the art of speechmaking.

Performing Arts Club (PAC)


ART The Expression Of Human Creative Skills And Imagination

Art club is a stepping stone towards creative, physical and emotional development of students that nurtures their passion for drawing and painting. The objective is to conduct workshops to develop interest, indentify hidden talents, train and groom students by creating opportunities to showcase their talents within and outside the school. Art club provides a wonderful platform for students to connect with fellow art enthusiasts to exchange their views, express their feelings and emotions which help in the overall development of their personality.


Dance Provides A Way Of Learning, One That Develops Communication Abilities, Problem - Solving And Critical Thinking Skills Along With Kinaesthetic Abilities.

The objective of the dance club is to strengthen the students creative skills in live performance through dance forms. Dance club activities would enhance the dance talent among the students and encourage them to actively participate in various dance events conducted within and outside the school campus. All the members of the dance club would be encouraged to compose creative and expressive statements through the art of performance. It would also help them to develop skills in spontaneous movement exploration and improvisation.


Music Is Not Only Pleasing To The Ears And Mind But Also Nurturing For The Soul. It Opens Up A Whole New World Of Experience That Further Enhances The Physical Co-Ordination & Expression

The main concept of Music club is to provide the components of music to the children & making them to create their own music and preparing for the various competition, musical concerts & with their solo & group performance.


For The Young Minds Who Take The Very First Steps Of Their Lives On To The Stage And Are Passionate About Theatrical Performance, We Offer The Right Platform To Perform

Theatre club promotes our students' introduction into the wide horizons of stage performances and its technical backdrops. We provide workshops on all aspects - various stage techniques, on and off the screen trainings, pre production and post-production strategies and so on - of drama, skit and mime.